Pharmacy patients are

40% more likely to get their prescriptions filled quickly

at independent pharmacies compared to national retail chains.



We offer many options to have your prescriptions refilled easily. We can set you up on Auto Refill and even call, text or email you when your prescriptions are ready. We offer an option to request your refills online and via our App!


We offer Local Delivery in Bossier City! Ask us for more information on this service.

Customer Satisfaction

3 out of 4

Patients report dissatisfaction with their major retail pharmacy.
Change that today and let us take care of your medication needs.

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5 Tips to Save Money on Prescriptions

Pharmacists can help patients save money on their prescriptions each time they approach the pharmacy counter. Skyrocketing prescription drug prices sit squarely at the center of policy debates about the US health care system. Even generic medications are becoming unaffordable. According to drug pricing research firm Truveris, the overall cost of all generics increased by

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